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I am Lady MacLaine from Berlin.

I am 63 years of age and I have worked as a professional dominatrix for more then three decades. Experienced guests of pro Dommes in Germany may know my name, and some of them may have met with me sometimes.

The new legislation in Germany has forced me to shut down my latest professional studio in Berlin-Schoeneberg, but actually I am not all to sad about that…

But since I can not really let go on all this I have created two play-rooms in my private house and I would like to sometimes receive interested guests here. This will be more like a hobby for me now, and it is no longer my interest or need to really earn money by this. I can afford to set all conditions the way I like them, and if they are okay with you, you are welcome, if not: No problem. I just will not discuss any of this.


I offer:


Soft rubber-education

Classic education

Empathic erotic clinic-games (no specific furniture for that available)

Counselling and erotic conversation

I do not offer:


Dirty games (with the exception of golden showers)

Extremly dirty talk

If you are interested you need to book a session two weeks in advance. Every meeting will cost you at least 400 Euros. This tribute includes talking befor and after the session, dressing, showering and about one hours of erotic game.

If I don’t know you or don’t remember you, you have to transfer 200 Euro to my bank account beforehand.

Contact to me is only possible by e-mail, no telefon contact. To plan a session, you would need to tell me your wishes and taboos by mail in a detailed way. I will only receive you if I am 100 percent sure that this meeting would make sense for both of us.


My email-adress: info @

(If I seem not to be answering in reasonable time, please check your spam-folder)

We will meet in Berlin-Zehlendorf. The full adress you will get after we agreed on all conditions.

Everything else we can talk about in personal contact.

Kind greetings:

Domina Lady MacLaine





Session rooms:

Party rooms:


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